Heated Debate with Family Members


I was talking to my sister and mother about autism. Heated debate, ugh, got frustrated. They don’t understand about autism rights. Mom told me that the websites I visit for the real truth about autism, may not be true after all. I think I would know better, thank her very much.

That’s why I personally think that there should be much more articles about this topic on the internet. People need and want to learn about disabilities because that will allow them to know how to interact with them. I often see people watching and judging people with disabilities and they don’t even know what that person has gone through in their life. I found this especially frustrating when young people are involved who don’t know how to take those judgments, their feelings will only get hurt. Overall, I really want to find more content about this topic online.

This happened many months ago, and we cannot even really remember at all what exactly the content of the discussion was, except what was written above as a draft. I am pretty sure this is a common theme in the disability community; heated debates with nondisabled family members about advocacy related things. They think they know us better than we do! How many people have been told at some point in life, by family or relatives, that the time spent online seeking out POSITIVE writing about xyr disability, or positive advocacy, is wasted time?

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