Welcome to The Rose Centre for Young Adults with Disabilities

The Rose Centre for Young Adults with Disabilities is an organization that strives to meet the needs of young people, living with a disability in the City of Toronto. We want to focus on all the parts of life that are often ignored by other organizations, including dating, sex, having a social life and simply leading a fulfilling independent adult life. To read our full mission statement, click here.

Young people that are living with some type of disability should receive the proper education, job opportunities and life experience as anyone else. That is the main thing that we are about, we want to provide that feeling and experience to these young people. For some of them, we are their only and last chance.

We want to create content, run events, host workshops and discussion groups based on what you, our members and allies want and need. As we delve into the world of starting a non-profit we will be updating this website as often as possible, so check us out often!