We are a disability advocacy organization locate in Toronto, ON. We are here to promote the positive representation of love to people that have disabilities. They shouldn't be treated differently by other people in society, they also have the need for love.


Special Education is something that people with disabilities need, especially if the disability is so severe that the person cannot function without a parent supervision. People that have disabilities like this also need to have a proper education

Employment for people that have disabilities is not that easy. There are still a lot of employers who will not hire people with disabilities and we are here to fight against that. 

Healthcare is very important to everyone, especially people with certain disabilities. Learning about your healthcare plan and actually planning it out is something that we can help you out with.


Our mission is quite simple, we want to help out people with disabilities any way we can. Giving them the same rights is something that we want to achieve. They shouldn't be treated like outsiders just because of their condition.


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